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ProcessOne delivers rich Messaging, IoT and Push services.

ProcessOne specialises in developing IoT(Internet of Things), Messaging and Push solutions that ensure consistent high performance regardless of the number of concurrent users or devices. And that’s what makes it ideal for critical business applications.

Messaging and IoT

All our IoT and Messaging products are based on the ejabberd platform, an open-source technology that is renowned in the industry for its stability, reliability and scalability. ProcessOne has been working with ejabberd since the technology’s inception and has unrivalled expertise in building customised solutions based on the ejabberd platform.

ProcessOne’s Push products are based on an integration between ejabberd and Boxcar, a solution acquired by ProcessOne in 2012, and which was the very first mobile push inbox launched for the iPhone in 2008. ProcessOne has continued to invest in Boxcar to deliver world-class, unmatched performance.

Case Study

  • BBC News

BBC News

Pushing breaking news around the globe — at the speed of light

BBC News is an app for iOS and Android devices that delivers the latest breaking news from the British Broadcasting Corporation and their global network of journalists.

Thanks to ejabberd and Boxcar technologies, and our expertise, BBC News is able to deliver push notifications of breaking news, directly to the screens of millions of devices running iOS or Android operating systems, in a matter of minutes.

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Added value from Cleartext

Cleartext has been delivering Instant Messaging solutions for many years and see them as an integrated component of comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective IT solutions. Our technical expertise in this area means we can provide take care of any integrations you may require and make sure your system keeps running exactly as intended.

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