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The Experts in Managed Email Security Migration

Cleartext Systems has the experience and technical expertise to manage the McAfee to Proofpoint Essentials migration process from start to finish for you.

If you’re an IT systems reseller with customers to migrate to Proofpoint we'll happily take on the bulk of the work from setting up the Proofpoint platform to mirror your clients existing configuration to importing user lists, functional accounts and aliases, mail filters and block lists. This capability will allow you to provide an unmatched level of service to your clients, helping you to make the migration seamless.

Experience Counts

With more than 10 years’ managed email security experience, with David being an ex technical Director at MessageLabs, and having already completed two large vendor migration projects, now moving into our third, we're your ideal distribution partner.

  • 2009 - MessageLabs(now Symantec Cloud) to Email Systems/Webroot
  • 2012 - Webroot to Maildistiller/Proofpoint
  • Now! - McAfee to Proofpoint Essentials.

It's not all Technical.

A successful migration is not just about mail routing. We need to consider which services are needed by each client, what SLA"s they expect, what training you and they need and post migration support and pricing. We won't be able to migrate all of your customers at the same time so we'll need a schedule, probably based on contract renewal anniversaries or to align with other IT projects.

We'll need to make sure you and your customers are confident that the switch over will be seamless and pain free. A big part of this is planning and documentation.

Example migration document from the Webroot -> Maildistiller migration.

Plan Three Times, Cut Over Once.

You've heard the saying measure three times cut once, well we employ a similar process for migrations to avoid down time. Documenting the existing system exhaustively, checking once before re-creating the environment in Proofpoint Essentials. Check a second time before testing mail routing as the final check with live email prior to switching DNS MX records, IP addresses, firewall and mail server settings.

Of course all this is planned to complete at the customers quietest time, a weekend, overnight or at the clients slowest business period. We'll even apply your or your customers branding to the Proofpoint portal.

Summary of Offer

This will be a complicated process, partnering with an experienced supplier will help. We'll do the bulk of the work, supplying you with the information you need to ensure your customers are happy.

  • No cost technical migration
  • No cost staff and customer training
  • Best effort price matching, or better.

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