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Managing Director, David Banes

David has almost 30 years experience that covers business management and the breadth and depth of information, communication, security and compliance technologies, across three continents.

David has helped shape government legislation through his work with the Internet Industry Association, trained national police services in malware, was part of the Virtual Global Task Force on Online Child Abuse and has given evidence to a Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission hearing into Cybercrime.

He has led the design and delivery of security and compliance related ICT systems for small businesses and big brands as well as dozens of small to medium sized firms across many industries in Australia and Europe.

He has managed software, malware and (anti-)spam research and development for major IT security vendors including Dr Solomon’s (now McAfee), Symantec(Norton Anti-Virus) and MessageLabs, the leading cloud based email filtering, archiving and compliance solutions(now part of Symantec Cloud).

David’s Key Achievements

Internet Industry Association – Member of the Board of Directors for six years

The IIA provided policy input to government and advocacy on a range of business and regulatory issues to promote laws and initiatives which enhance access, equity, reliability and growth of the internet.

David worked with government on privacy, copyright and spam legislation, and in online security and safety working groups. He helped develop and get adopted by government the Australian Anti-Spam Act, which is seen as the global bench mark for anti-spam regulation, and the National Broadband Network, the largest infrastructure project in Australian history.

The XMPP Standards Foundation – Chairman

XMPP is commonly known as Jabber IM and is used by many companies. The Foundation is a global, independent, non-profit standards development organisation whose primary mission is to define open protocols for real-time communication and collaboration. This organisation feeds into the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) to deliver the standards required for instant messaging to work across many vendor solutions, for example, Facebook Chat, Google, Cisco chat and WhatsApp.

More recently XMPP has become the protocol of choice for organisations building real time messaging solutions including those building out the IoT (Internet of Things). The TiVo DVR (digital video recorder) used by TV providers such as Virgin Media was an early adopter of teh XMPP protocol to connect it's set top boxes to it's streaming video (TV and movie) services.

Virtual Global Task Force on Online Child Abuse

David was invited to join the Virtual Global Taskforce Working Group by the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) to collaborate with representatives from the Crime Centre, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI, Interpol, UK National Crime Squad and US Customs. This working group aims to bring together law enforcement with industry representatives to explore realistic opportunities for detecting and reducing the incidence of this crime.

Parliament of Australia

David gave evidence at the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission hearing into Cybercrime. The Official Committee Hansard is available online.

MessageLabs – Technical Director APAC

As MessageLabs’ Technical Director for Asia Pacific, David managed deployment of the SaaS infrastructure in Australia and Hong Kong, including vendor purchases (HP, Cisco, etc.), data centres, and 24×7 operational and technical support. MessageLabs(now Symantec Cloud) was the world leader in email spam and malware filtering and a trailblazer in the detection and blocking of phishing emails. He advised senior management on technology trends and capabilities for both internal systems and product delivery.

CipherIM - Cryptographic Messaging and File Transfer

In the early 2000’s, David Banes was part of a team that developed a secure instant messaging client / server system to enable secure chat and file transfer. CipherIM was a public key based cryptographic messaging and file transfer system that was in use by many organisations including Symantec's Security Response team. The product was discontinued once SSL/TLS enabled XMPP came into general use.

Symantec – Regional Manager (Programme Manager) Security Response

David was responsible for setting up and managing a team of Norton Anti-Virus software developers and security analysts to deliver Symantec’s APAC Security Response capability to corporate clients. The APAC R&D team was the breeding ground for various leading edge technology projects and dramatically improved technical support in APAC.

Dr Solomon’s Anti-Virus (now part of McAfee) – Senior Management

David set up the manufacturing and quality systems, software development, technical support and product management teams, and later, the operational part of Dr Solomon’s USA as VP Operations and Customer Service.

Golden Targa Trophy - Targa Tasmania Rally Driver

In addition to his impressive IT credentials, David is also an experienced rally driver and drove in the five-day Targa Tasmania international tarmac car rally, winning a Gold Trophy for completing every competitive stage within the time limit for each stage (whilst finishing in the top ten percent of the field) in three consecutive years. Whilst great fun and requiring excellent driving skills, it also demonstrated complicated project management and logistical skills.

Hill Climbs & Sprints

David has also spent some time running fast cars, classic and modern, in hill climbs and sprints. For example being well placed in the Huntley Hill Climb with a first in category (over 3000cc) and an 8th place outright from 38 starters. David also gives up a substantial amount of time on the organising committee of Kop Hill Climb which is run annually to raise money for local charitable causes.

David is Member of

The Internet Society

XMPP Standards Association

XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF)

Professional Interests

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