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A unique approach to channel management. Rather than act as traditional distributor or reseller our services mirror those of a channel marketing department, engaging with partners at all stages of the channel delivery model.

With experience at all points of the process having started out as a software vendor before taking on other products as components of solution sales and more recently sourcing reseller partners for other vendors.

We have a deep understanding of the channel through which your products and services will be delivered but a narrow skill set when talking about IT in general. Our expertise is in security related messaging and collaboration.

Channel delivery solutions for IT vendors

We'll discuss the approach you want to take to get to market, then produce a plan. That plan may straddle traditional supply chain models so we'll describe these models below. You may want us to use one of these.

Virtual Vendor

With experience working for and later becoming a software vendor we have a breadth and depth of knowledge [across three continents] to understand what it takes for a vendor to startup in a new territory or market.

Our Virtual Vendor services save considerable time and money becoming established in a market, or allow a rapid change of strategy by re-imagining the channel delivery model.

VAD (Value Added Distributor)

A VAD goes one, or usually more, steps further than the usual order taking fulfilment distributer by offering services more akin to the processes a vendor would go through to deliver solutions via a reseller network.

VAD's get comprehensively involved in pre- and post-sales process, not just the immediate sale. Offering co-marketing support, training, pre- and post-sales support for the reseller servicing the end user.

VAR (Value Added Reseller)

A value-added reseller (VAR) is a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it (usually to end-users) as an integrated product or complete "turn-key" solution. (Source: Wikipedia)

We have a number of direct customers, preferring to supply via our own resellers, so are able to take deals direct on behalf of a vendor in cases where a sales constraint is in play (e.g. currency, ISO 9001 or UK Government approved supplier status needed). This works especially well for out of country or startup vendors as the supply chain is kept short and can be developed at a later stage.


Leaving aside the channel models for a while, because Cleartext Systems focuses on a very small, but very important, part of the IT sector, we have built up a wealth of knowledge which can be made available within paid consultancy services working with suppliers that may or may not be existing technology partners.

Consultancy projects can take the form of messaging or collaboration design and implementation or software development projects, from design to integration and deployment. Examples of platforms we have designed, built and deployed can be seen in our company history page and currently with the Assured.Email platform. Read more about our bespoke software development services here.

  • What do we do?

    We work with you on solution delivery within a small technology segment, not whole of IT solutions in an isolated part of the channel.

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