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Cleartext Systems brings IT vendors the benefits of enhanced distribution and channel management services combined with a successful track record in software development. As a result, we understand the challenges you face in setting up and maintaining a profitable channel to market, and can also offer a range of unique, niche software you can add to your portfolio if desired.

Channel management solutions for IT vendors

Distributors can offer you a larger reach and quick access to new markets. However, many of them simply function as a basic, no-frills “box-shifters”, meaning you still get lumbered with all of the administrative and support issues. The resulting hassle costs you time and money.

Cleartext Systems is different. We provide IT vendors with increased sales, satisfied customers and a reduced service, financial and administrative burden. We do this by:

Helping you decide on the most effective route to market

We offer a different approach to channel management. Rather than act as traditional VAD (Value Added Distributor or VAR (Value Added Reseller) we mirror a typical channel marketing department's go-to-market strategy of engaging with sales and marketing partners at all stages of the channel delivery model.

We'll operate in the channel on your behalf in a way that best fits your business model.

Reducing the cost, hassle and time involved in servicing your customers

Cleartext Systems handles the day-to-day account management, with all the admin burden that brings. All you need to do is manage one account – us!

Helping you grow your business by finding customers

With our extensive industry knowledge and contacts, we are regularly able to identify appropriate, high-performing resellers to take help you achieve profitable growth.

Saving you time and money by providing expert first line service

Our extensive IT systems expertise means we can usually solve technical issues your resellers may have without the need to trouble you.

Helping you keep your customers satisfied by providing flexible payment terms

Cleartext Systems provides a degree of flexibility in its payment terms that large companies are unable to warrant. As a result, we help keep your resellers engaged and satisfied.

Bringing excellent knowledge of the messaging and collaboration vertical

Our expertise in the collaboration vertical (especially with SMTP (email) and XMPP (IM)) brings huge added value to vendors with an interest in this sector. We can solve problems, and develop and integrate systems for clients via our professional services.

Guaranteeing a steady cashflow

Because we pay you on time every time, you don’t have to worry about any of the resellers being late or missing a payment. That’s all part of Cleartext Systems’ account management ethos.

Join our great software portfolio and benefit from unmatched service

Cleartext Systems represents a great portfolio of software systems. Leading vendors choose to work with us because the level of care and support we offer to our customers eliminates the burden they face with traditional distributors.

We currently represent the following vendors:

Vendor Solution Status
3dResourcing Event Registration & Ticketing Systems fully customisable for your event. Virtual Vendor
Campaign Monitor Create, send and optimise your email marketing campaigns. Reseller
janusNET Document and email protective marking and mobile data security solutions. Virtual Vendor
Natterbox Flexible, scalable business telephony in the cloud. Partner
PretaGov Provider of CMS Software as a Service for government and its agencies. Distributor
ProcessOne Specialising in developing Instant Messaging and Push solutions. Reseller
Proofpoint The most secure email protection, purpose-built for SMEs. Distributor
Rackspace Fanatical Support makes us the #1 managed cloud company. Reseller
TPP Wholesale Offers partners a world-class domain registration and hosting infrastructure. Reseller
  • “You guys [Cleartext Systems] have been absolutely brilliant to work with since taking over as our Proofpoint distributor”

    Josh Boardman, Technical Development Manager, bear IT.
  • Development

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If you’re an IT vendor looking to for value added channel management, or if you’re a reseller who wants superior technical and admin support, and access to leading IT solutions, contact Cleartext Systems today on: +44 (0)1494-453945