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Solutions by Business Requirement

We've helped deliver solutions into government, utilities, teleco's, healthcare, insurance, finance and legal sectors to organisations from tens to thousands of employees in a global market.

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Professional Services

Make the most of our twenty five years plus of experience in the messaging, collaboration and business systems to help with email, instant messaging, messages queues and web based messaging, social and business platforms.

Available on a consulting basis to help you deliver best of breed solutions to your end users. Cleartext Systems has access to an extensive network of skilled IT people through it's IT services partners.

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Solutions by Technology

The communication and collaboration sector of IT covers a large group of technologies. We, the vendors we represent and the partners we sell through are experts in the following technology areas.

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Cyber Essentials Consulting

As more and more organisations ask for ISO 27001 certification the UK government has realised that smaller businesses will find the cost of compliance to this standard excessive.

The Cyber Essentials programme aims to address that by providing a simpler more cost effective scheme that could be called a mini 27001, ideal for smaller businesses. We can help you attain this accreditation by guiding you through the technical, compliance and training required.

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