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Cleartext Systems helps value-added resellers and IT service companies grow their businesses. We do this by helping them continually provide the outstanding products and service necessary to help them keep their customers satisfied.

Cleartext Systems – not just an IT distributor

Cleartext Systems combines technical IT skills honed over many years in the industry with an understanding of the how to nurture and maintain a successful IT business. As a result, Cleartext Systems is not just a “box shifter”, looking to simply sell products as quickly as possible and then move on. We take full technical and account responsibility for the products and services we represent and commit to doing our best to keep them operating without interruption. We do this by:

Sourcing of robust IT systems from leading vendors

Our experience and contacts ensure we have access to proven IT systems from a range of leading vendors. If you want to improve your business by adding sought-after IT solutions to your portfolio, talk to Cleartext Systems. We currently represent the following vendors:

Vendor Solution Status
3dResourcing Event Registration & Ticketing Systems fully customisable for your event. Distributor
Campaign Monitor Create, send and optimise your email marketing campaigns. Reseller
janusNET Document and email protective marking and mobile data security solutions. Virtual Vendor
Natterbox Flexible, scalable business telephony in the cloud. Partner
PretaGov Provider of CMS Software as a Service for government and its agencies. Distributor
ProcessOne Specialising in developing Instant Messaging and Push solutions. Reseller
Proofpoint The most secure email protection, purpose-built for SMEs. Distributor
Rackspace Fanatical Support makes us the #1 managed cloud company. Reseller
TPP Wholesale Offers partners a world-class domain registration and hosting infrastructure. Reseller

Keeping your customers running smoothly and efficiently if there are problems

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait on a response from a vendor when one of your customers has a problem. Cleartext Systems’ technical expertise means we can often solve your customers’ problems promptly, long before you’ve heard back from the vendors in fact. So partner with Cleartext Systems and keep your customers up and running.

Ensuring you keep your access, even if you have temporary cash flow problems

We’re a small company and we understand the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized companies. As a result, we are often able to be a little less rigid when it comes to payment terms. You benefit from maintaining access to all your systems – the lifeblood of your business – and we benefit from satisfied customers and excellent business relationships.

Making sure you are an expert in the IT solutions you sell

We can provide training to help make sure you can get the best out of the products you represent. As a result, you will be able to sell them more successfully.

Keeping you online in case of a disaster through our disaster recovery services

Business continuity is an increasingly important facet of sound business management and it’s crucial that IT resellers and service companies “walk the talk”. Our disaster recovery service will make sure you can continue to service your customers no matter what.

Helping you market, sell and maintain the products and services you represent

We can provide professional product demonstrations and marketing materials that will help you sell the benefits of the products more effectively. We also offer backend admin services, for example freeing you up from tedious vendor portal updates, so you can focus on business development and your customers.

Professional Services

Make the most of our twenty years plus of experience in the messaging and collaboration vertical to help with email, instant messaging, messages queues and web based messaging and social platforms. We're available on a consulting basis to help you deliver best of breed solutions to your end users.

Bespoke software development and systems integration

Unlike typical box-shifters, Cleartext Systems has the experience and technical capabilities to develop software solutions to meet specific client needs and to undertake systems integration tasks to make sure the products you sell will do exactly what the customer wants and integrate with his or her other systems. Learn how Cleartext Systems’ software development and systems integration capabilities can help your business.

“You guys [Cleartext Systems] have been absolutely brilliant to work with since taking over as our Proofpoint distributor”

Josh Boardman, Technical Development Manager, bear IT.
I'd encourage resellers to spent their time earning money and building their business rather than doing accounts admin. That approach gives us a long term stable business partner. I'll call if I think your account is too far overdue.

David Banes, MD, Cleartext Systems, (talking to a reseller).


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